The Power of a Network

The Power of a Network


Your network is your net worth.

Given time, a strong network leads to more wealth, more fun and more success.

Some people go online and ‘friend’ hundreds of people across several social networks. They look at them proudly and marvel at the size of their growing network. In truth though, they don’t have a network; it’s a very loose connection at best.

A network is a group of people who share opportunities. you can pick up the phone to them, they happily take your call and they trust that you will have something valuable to say. If you think of your network in those terms, how many people do you have in your directory that fit the criteria? How many people do you regularly share opportunities with? If the number is low, you need to make this a major priority. You will never sustainably increase your wealth without first increasing your network.

As a Key Person of Influence, this will be much easier than you think. People love being able to take a call from a person who is clear about the game they are playing, who’s credible, valuable and renowned for something.

With these things in place, the quality of your network will develop at pace, but there’s even more that can be done to ramp things up. The best-way to rapidly grow your network is to become part of existing, trusted networks and then show up consistently with a view to being of service.

Get in the habit of spotting great opportunities for others. Quite often I will see something in a blog and email it to a friend. Quite often I will connect two people who I know can do business together. Quite often I will share an idea with someone if I think it would be beneficial.

I don’t spot opportunities for friends because I am looking for an immediate reward. I do it because I believe that it strengthens my network. With a strong network around me, I feel safer to step into the unknown and take calculated risks in order to reach my goals.

One of the best ways to build a powerful network is to get involved with a community of like-minded people who are striving to achieve the same goals as you. Regular contact with a like-minded community will allow you to build relationships with people who can be powerful allies if the right opportunity arises.