How I Can Help You And Your Business

I’m inspired to work with business leaders who are drawn to a bigger calling. I believe everyone is standing on a mountain of value and once you appreciate that and start sharing it with the world, anything is possible. Here are a few ways I help entrepreneurs leverage their mountain of value.

Growth Accelerators

When it comes to the game of business, there are no shortage of functional things to consume your time, focus and resources. Knowing where to direct your focus is one of the keys to success. That’s why I’ve always had mentors around me, identifying my blind spots.

Our growth accelerators have clear and proven frameworks to support businesses through the four stages of growth.

We call them accelerators as they do just that… accelerate your results by knowing what activities will yield the greatest return in the shortest time possible to support your growth through each of these stages.

Whether you’re in startup phase, or you have a successful business, but you’re after more cut through, I believe that investing time with experienced business mentors, backed up with proven frameworks will accelerate your results.

Discover Your Influence Score and increase your ability to influence

Discover Your Influence Score and increase your ability to influence

Influence is directly related to the levels of trust you have in the market. The more trust you have, the faster you produce results. The Key Person of Influence Scorecard benchmarks your ability to influence and trust in a business or leadership context and identifies opportunities for leveraged growth.

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Consulting 1 on 1

I feel very fortunate to have built businesses that have served 10,000s of small business leaders in over 50 industries, through to large billion dollar corporations. This depth and breadth of experience has created a unique perspective that I love sharing with my clients.

By leveraging the most powerful strategies from different industries and companies, there is always a strategy that can be identified and applied to your business that accelerates the development of unique assets that increases your ability to stand out and scale up your impact.

Enquire about 1 on 1 Consulting

“Mike’s mentorship has taken our business to the next level. With his coaching we’ve defined our strategic goal, clarified our pitch which was instrumental in us raising £5m+ investment, and grown our team with high performing individuals. He gets to the root of the issue decisively and helps us find the best way forward together. Having Mike as a coach and mentor has been game changing for us. I hope we’ll continue to working with him for a long time”

— Philippa & Tom Charrier, FAT Properties

“Mike has a gift of intuitively expressing the vision and expression of the idea you want to communicate in such a clear and creative way. I love our one on one sessions as they always result in a break through of a great idea and give me the confidence and clarity to pursue the dream. He’s a visionary and a great communicator.”

— Tracy Sofra, Founder of Sofra Partners Chartered Accountants and WOW Women 2016 Entrepreneur of the year.