Having mentors help you navigate your business direction is essential for every entrepreneur. Mentors help you avoid classic mistakes and take advantage of opportunities that perhaps you were unaware of. Every successful business leader has one or more mentors guiding them.
Mike sits as a mentor on three different growth accelerators, from start ups to established businesses.

1 on 1 Consulting

90 percent of Mike’s time is invested int serving clients on the growth accelerators. Mike proportions 10 percent of his time in consulting and mentoring higher end clients who have more complex situations, or just require a one on one deep dive into their business.
When your business has a high level of complexity - with a number of stakeholders involved - you may have specific questions that are better suited to personalised consulting.

Get 1 on 1 Consulting With Mike

Customised journey

Customised journey specific to your company’s objectives

Involve Stake-holders

You can involve multiple stake-holders in the consulting sessions

Personalised Accountability

Ongoing feedback and accountability to tackle challenges and execute strategies

Vetted Supplier Introductions

Specific introductions to vetted suppliers to accelerate asset implementation

Various In Depth Power Sessions

Various In Depth Power Sessions

The end outcome of your collaboration with Mike is an implemented strategy, backed up with assets that accelerate your influence in your industry. Whether you want increased growth, setting up for exit or just a business that is more scalable with less reliance on you, we work to your outcomes.

Mike typically works with clients over a minimum of six months, in continuous 90 minute power sessions and he only works with a small handful of clients at any one time, so there is often a wait list.

If this is ticking the boxes for you, feel free to enquire about rates, an initial Strategy Mapping session and if Mike has availability.

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