4 Ways To Bring Your Business Into Alignment With Your Vision & Values

4 Ways To Bring Your Business Into Alignment With Your Vision & Values


There are many ways for you to reduce your internal conflict and improve the congruency between the conscious and unconscious mind.

Here are four of the most useful ones that I teach:

Intention = outcome

Affirmation – are you on purpose?

Visualise the outcome

Anchor your energy

Intention = outcome


The first step towards creating congruency between your conscious and unconscious mind begins with you taking complete ownership of making it happen.

It’s your responsibility.

As a focused entrepreneur or salesperson who’s creating a vibrant sales culture, you must be aware that you are the cause of your results, not the effect.

Cause = effect

The ordinary business owner will give a long list of excuses as to why it is not possible for them to make sales or reach targets when times are tough.

This type of person is at the mercy of external forces.

A committed business owner will do whatever it takes, finding multiple ways to get the result and make it happen.

They know that they cause their results, not the other way round.

The difference all comes down to your perception.


Creating the ripple effect

Your intention (cause) creates your results (effect).

It is not just your actions (cause) that determine your outcome or effect. The intention of your actions creates a ripple effect that transcends your efforts.

Essentially, the intention of your actions creates outcomes in the future that are either beneficial or detrimental to your business and clients.

If you have the right intention, whether your clients buy from you or not, they’ll spread a positive word for your business and make referrals for you because you served their interests, not yours.

With the wrong intention, you will force clients into buying things that aren’t right for them, or feeling pressured to buy, and either outcome means they’ll walk away spreading negative stories about your business.

The quality of your intention often = the quality and quantity of your results.

The ongoing effect created by the action is directly proportional to the intention of the action.

What does this mean? It is best explained by comparing two different scenarios.


Scenario 1:

Your intention going into a sales appointment is to get the sale, hit yourbtargets and pay your expenses. You’re concerned about what might happen should you not make the sale, and worried because you’re not sure if you’ll make the sale or not.

In other words, your intention is all about you.

Compare that to:


Scenario 2:

You meet the prospect to understand their situation and serve their best interests. You’re focused on adding value to them and assess if your business is the best solution for their particular situation. In other words, your intention is all about the client.

The first scenario will not create much repeat business because the salesperson’s focus is on themselves.

In the second scenario, whether the client makes a purchase or not, their experience will encourage them to recommend the salesperson and their company to someone else.

Your actions will have an impact on others that will either create or diminish business in the future.

Ultimately, an intention to serve the client causes a ripple effect whereby the end goal of making sales will be enhanced in both the short and long term.


This is how we create an aligned business that makes a difference in this world. Intention is everything, and everyone profits as a result.