Louisa Hollenberg on Growing from Zero to 6,000 Clients – Episode 5

Louisa Hollenberg on Growing from Zero to 6,000 Clients

Louisa Hollenberg is the Founder and Director of Earth and Skin Organic Spa and Beauty Shop. Since 2014, Louisa and her team have helped over 6,000 people reduce their toxic load while improving their skin.

Earth and Skin have been featured in many media outlets including Mindbody Magazine, Jetstar Magazine, Urban List, Mamamia, The GC Bulletin and Who Magazine. Louisa is also the author of ‘Clean Skin in a Dirty World – Beautiful Skin, Toxin Free’.

In this episode, Louisa talks about how she grew her business from scratch to a thriving day spa that has serviced more than 6,000 clients. Louisa now manages a team of 10 and has created a content ecosystem that allows her to generate more than 20 new clients every week.

Louisa also talks about how she overcame imposter syndrome, how video has enabled her to establish a strong online presence and the power of a perfect pitch. Enjoy!


  • How Louisa grew her business from a solo operation to more than 10 staff and 6,000 total clients.
  • Content, content, content! How video and bog content has enabled Louisa to generate leads and sales online.
  • How a slight tweak in Louisa’s pitch completely transformed the affect it had on her prospects.
  • How Louisa learned to overcome imposter syndrome when first starting out in business.



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Clean Skin in a Dirty World by Louisa Hollenberg

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